The Uncoverings Project

Purely decorative, non-protective, pandemic couture. The masks in my Uncoverings project will not protect you and are not for sale. Like all good fashion they are not functional.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I became fascinated with the rage that surrounded face coverings infiltrating America for the first time. While they are very normal in Asian cultures, many Americans resisted the idea and took offense to something that could lower transmission rates and save lives, creating a new battle in our ongoing culture war. The aversion to such a simple protective covering seems to be rooted in fear. When we can’t see half of a persons face, our brain doesn’t recognize emotions like normal and sends us into a panic mode.

Each of the masks in my project were created by hand. While most masks are made to protect ourselves and others, these flirt with the idea of being protected while totally vulnerable.

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Series 1: Mollusk Fatality

Series 2: Surgically Sterile

Series 3: Mortality’s Absence