Part 1: Mollusk Fatality

I created this piece in the spring of 2020 really on in the COVID-19 pandemic. As we isolated inside our small NYC apartment, the air was thick with anxiety and the excitement of trying to obtain our daily necessities without going anywhere in-person. Though death and sickness blanketed my city, there was still a glimmer of hope that this was all very temporary, and we would soon make our way back to normal. At 7 PM overnight, we all opened the windows to bang pots and pans and applaud the healthcare workers putting their lives on the line daily.

This mask embodies that glimmer of hope and naivety that existed for me within this period. The base of this mask is made from black torn lace representing the sudden separation of my old life. It is dotted with petit sequins and half-pearls to represent my search for beauty amidst the chaos. This piece was entirely hand-sewn.