Renée Nicole Gray is a USA based writer, fashion and costume designer, artist and dress/fashion history expert. She moved to NYC as a teenager to pursue a career in the arts and went on to work as a performer in multiple film, TV, commercial and theatrical productions. In 2010 she stumbled into a job as a Lady Gaga impersonator. She went on to create the tribute show “The Lady Gaga Experience” and performed a thousands of events internationally and in the USA before retiring from this field in 2019. It was during this period that Renée discovered her love for costume and fashion design while creating the many costumes for her shows. She has since worked as a costume designer for multiple theatrical productions and has had her designs used in numerous TV productions.

In 2018 Renée launched her small business and fashion line “Leap Day Renée.” This has been an incredible success and her unique designs by customers globally. Renée is very active in the word of dress and fashion studies, and currently publishes two fashion history sites, Fashion With Renée and Streisand Style Files. She is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Costume Society of America and The Association of Dress Historians.